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This site is set up with the intention of providing a free source of information useful to UK expatriates.

Any companies providing a service useful to, or targeted at UK expats are welcome to request a free listing, please forward your link title, one line description and web address.

Slow loading websites rarely reach the review stage, many expats (me included) live in remote locations, without the benefit of broadband, or even reliable dial up connections, waiting 5 minutes for a wonderful flash opening page is not a rewarding experience.

Reciprocal links are very welcome, (and you get a Bold entry)

Real estate websites are usually only listed for the useful information they contain, i.e. purchasing procedures, pitfalls, average costs, charges, taxes, etc.

Package holiday websites are not normally listed, unless they have a flights only option.

Logos are only displayed when websites appear in our top 30 referrers, where they enhance the page appearance, or are 'rewarding' affiliates.

Advertorials for our 'Features' section always wanted! (Free inclusion) Especially advertisers explaining why we need their services, travel agents, insurers, writing the perfect CV, tax advisors, etc. etc.

Please forward any requests or enquiries to webmaster