Top 5 ways to save money when moving abroad

Fulfilling your dream of living abroad can be costly without due consideration. Here are the top five ways you can realise your expat ambition while still having cash to spare in your destination country:

Take only what you require
“We definitely need the deluxe digital ice cream maker and terracotta tagine cooking pot; you never know when they’ll come in handy!”
This frame of mind might mean you’ll never be caught out in an ice cream or Moroccan cooking emergency, but letting go of those, let’s be honest, nonessentials, will help you save on shipping costs and prevent potentially expensive hold-ups in customs.

Also investigate the electrical voltage at destination against the white goods you intend to take. Some of your electronics may not be useable in your host country, so knowing what’s redundant will save on shipping fees.

Compare storage and shipping costs
Depending on your length of stay, it may be more cost effective to store some of your belongings in the UK rather than pay for shipping.

Check customs restrictions
Before you go, research customs prohibited and restricted items to ensure you don’t face unnecessary fines or port rent charges by attempting to ship such goods.

Share a container
However many shipping containers you use, in all likelihood you’ll end up with unused space that will cost you under the FCL (full container load) option. Opt to share a container with other customers to ensure you only pay for the space you use.

Pack non-breakables yourself
The easiest way to save on packing is to take on part of it yourself. Clothing, linen and towels are easy to pack without too much wrapping and padding. Ask your removal company for a few extra cartons and pack your non-breakables before move day.
To keep your most delicate and breakable items protected, leave the packing to the professionals.

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Posted 11Dec2015