HM Revenue & Customs - All the tax and national insurance booklets to download, etc.
HM Revenue & Customs - RDR1: residence, domicile and the remittance basis
HM Revenue & Customs - HMRC6 Residence, Domicile and the Remittance Basis (Valid upto 2013)
HM Revenue & Customs - Tax on foreign income
HM Revenue & Customs - Tax if you return to the UK
HM Revenue & Customs - Tax if you leave the UK to live abroad

British American Tax provides full service tax advice and preparation for Americans living abroad and for foreign nationals with US interests
Buzzacott Chartered Accountants specialises in US and UK expatriate tax services
Ex-Pat Tax Consultants Ltd
Highfield Expatriate Tax Services Providing UK and US personal tax compliance services and advice for expatriates, non domiciled individuals, and non residents.
Stephen Asher Consulting UK and international, business or personal, tax planning consultants
Taxcafe Tax advice and tax advice guides - Non Resident, Expatriate & Offshore Tax Planning
Tax Innovations Expatriate tax expertise for individuals coming to or leaving the UK, and their companies/businesses. UK Tax Returns prepared for Non-domiciled and Non-resident individuals. Bespoke offshore planning available.
The Fry Group The Fry Group provide expert, objective and impartial advice on Taxation, Financial Planning, Retirement and Estate Planning.
UK Expat Limited providing tax advice for employers and employees entering or leaving the United Kingdom
UK Tax Agency LLP Expert advice and assistance on UK taxation issues
Minerva Trust (From Wealth Protection International Ltd) can reduce or even remove inheritance tax - without loss of asset access and regardless of domicile or residency
Xpatria.co.uk Tax Advice for Expats


How does the UK Statutory Residence Test (SRT) impact you? taxinnovations.com
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